The Cavalry, Gandalf, and the Cloud

What’s a bigger failure–

  • a nine-month software implementation in its 24th month?
  • an application that is rolled out and has zero adoption?
  • an application that negatively impacts a business’s ability to function, even though it meets all of the detailed requirements and specifications?

It’s a far too common situation where you launch a project with the promise of delivering big benefits or solving a big problem.  But the project goes over time and over budget and turns from a strategic initiative to what feels like a death march.

We wish we could turn back the clock and apply what we’ve learned to correct the mistakes of the past. Sometimes, just making simple “tweaks” is all it takes to have a profound impact on the functionality of an app.

Recently, a perplexing trend has been occurring. People have been turning to Cloud-based apps, like salesforce.comGoogle Apps, and others, to close the gaps in enterprise software, improving overall usability, and, in many cases, rescuing failed implementations.

It’s like the cavalry coming over the hill at the most desperate moment in a movie, or when the giant eagles swoop from the sky in The Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, to save Frodo and Sam from the lava gushing from Mount Doom.  This is a plot twist called Deus Ex Machina, or “god from the machine,” that has been around since ancient Greek tragedies.

To save us from our own tragedies, we can change the outcome of technology implementations gone bad in a similarly unexpected way using the Cloud. The impact is just as dramatic. Only, this is real life, and it has real meaning for our businesses and our careers.  This is the Cloud from the Machine… Nebula Ex Machina.