The Biggest Challenge for Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing today faces many challenges in perception, ranging from:

  • perceived lack of security,
  • supposed lack of functionality, and
  • the struggle for IT to see the blinking lights on servers in corporate data centers.

However, these “challenges” are illusions. The Cloud is proving to be far more secure than premise-based software, and companies like dish out innovation faster than legacy technology vendors can even grasp. And as it may be a challenge to manage blinking lights on servers, this is by far not the largest roadblock for the adoption of the Cloud. 

The biggest challenge for Cloud computing today is that companies have already wasted their budgets failing with premise-based software, by the time they realize the Cloud is the only solution to getting them out of the mess they are in.

The Cloud from the Machine provides decision makers and project sponsors with the hope of turning back the clock and avoiding the mistakes that led their projects to failure.  Unfortunately, while time travel may be theoretically possible, once the budget has been spent on a project, it’s spent– regardless of the outcome.

This means that the failure of your project, as it turns out, is very profitable for legacy software vendors.  It’s even more profitable for global systems integrators who place armies of consultants on the ground for months and even years at a time eschewing project success.  

The Cloud from the Machine is your opportunity to bring this destructive cycle to an end.  Business decision makers are empowered by the Cloud because of its immediacy and ease of use.  It also gives them a clear vision for how applications can help them achieve their business objectives faster, with better results and with far less risk than with legacy technology.