Live Free in the Cloud

In 1995, I installed Linux on my company provided laptop.  I didn’t do it because I was told to or supposed to.  I could have (and probably should have) gotten into some trouble for this.  

I installed Linux because I could.  It was a free operating system and I found open source… liberating.  Yes, that’s right, liberating.

Nearly a dozen years later, I was drawn to the Cloud for the same reasons.  Only with the Cloud, the software is more immediate, powerful and more mature than open source software for my purposes.  More importantly, it was significantly more liberating.

You can see this same effect with others as they turn to the Cloud to address their business challenges.  They do it because it’s liberating.  Liberating them from:

  • Unnecessary complexities of legacy technologies,
  • Ridiculous risks and costs of such technologies, and
  • Large project teams that include IT, consultants, vendors and integrators that slow down the pace of innovation

It gives people the freedom to solve business problems, to experiment and be entrepreneurial without the chains of legacy technology. 

There is nothing preventing you from using the Cloud to take your destiny and your organization’s future into your own hands.  Choose to live free…  Libertas Ex Nebula