What’s the Scholastic Connection?

When starting a company, the first question that entrepreneurs are asked is “What’s your exit plan?” Being acquired is generally the most common response. The founders of NEXMachine felt the same way when we started the company two years ago.

But, what happens when the startup becomes the acquirer? NEXMachine was faced with this prospect shortly before Christmas of 2014.


Dan Kauppi, President of NEXMachine, congratulates Michael Rebello

The funny thing about starting a business is that surprises really are surprises and, oftentimes, how one reacts when presented with the unexpected is the difference between success and the regretful missed opportunity. That was the NEXMachine dilemma. 

On February 13, 2015, NEXMachine acquired Scholastic Connections. The rationale for this acquisition was simple: Scholastic Connections provided us with the ability to follow our passion in ways we hadn’t considered previously. 

We build applications that are habit forming because they change the way people work in a very positive way by giving them immediate access to relevant information, and connect them with their customers and partners. Since Scholastic Connections builds mobile software targeted at serving schools, they deepened our ability to make our applications mobile – and at a faster pace than we were able to achieve previously.

In addition, Scholastic Connections makes it possible for NEXMachine to deliver these kinds of applications to a whole other industry – education – which, until now, has not even been a consideration.

Starting a business is filled with twists and turns. The key to survival (and ultimately success) is the ability to recognize the opportunity that was never anticipated. Acquiring a company in the educational space is one of those unanticipated moves that could easily have been overlooked.