NEXMachine implements solutions using Salesforce that change the way you work.  We are guided by three principals:

  • Immediate benefits
  • Ease of use
  • Users are delighted

Following these principals, we are able craft solutions that transform your business.  The benefits are fast, the costs are low and predictable and implementations have the highest success rate possible.  



NEXMachine develops solutions on Salesforce for:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial services
  • Logistics
  • Services 


At NEXMachine, we are CRM experts, and we specialize in building applications for sales and distribution companies serious about increasing sales, targeting the right customers and measuring the results. We help you achieve superior results by focusing the needs of your users and what they need to succeed in their jobs. Our clients face many challenges, often supporting a complex line of products from the OEMs they represent. We develop solutions that give you immediate access to key information about your customers and that help you connect with your customers, partners and other applications. They are designed with the specific needs of the end-user in mind – to address their challenges and make their lives easier. Contact us today to learn about how we can take your CRM to the next level.   ipad


NEXMachine enables your business to realize immediate benefits from through our Celer program. Celer is ideal for small-to-medium sized companies and non-profit organizations that want to use to transform their business by:

  • Providing your employees with immediate access to information telling your customers’ stories
  • Making it easier for them to connect with your customers, partners and other enterprise applications
  • Creating a experience that is tailored to your organization’s specific needs

The NEXMachine certified team takes the time to understand your business and your challenges. For an investment of $5,000, your organization receives a world-class implementation of CRM that includes best practices, so that you can effectively utilize the tools custom created for your business. NEXMachine uses the agile methodology to implement your solution in a fixed time frame by providing:

  • 32 hours of dedicated implementation services
  • 6 hours of personalized training *
  • Data migration from Excel **

*Client will cover any travel expenses ** Some limitations apply   Download Celer Program Information


Enable Success: Choosing the Best Salesforce Edition to Meet Your Needs

As a Salesforce consultant, it is always satisfying to hear a client recount the vigorous research process of selecting a CRM, ultimately choosing – a clear winner above the rest. A smile invariably creeps across as the ideas begin to swirl with visions of workflows, sales teams, Apex triggers, VisualForce and mass uploads via the API. However, those thoughts are diminished when the client completes their original statement with, “we’re going with Professional Edition.”   Professional Edition is a safe and simple solution for companies that have finite product or service offerings and single sales divisions. The price point and ever increasing pressure on management to keep new processes as simple as possible, compound the lure of Professional Edition. However, organizations that aren’t bound by a single sales track or who want to take full advantage of cloud computing and automation need to consider the lost opportunity cost of selecting Professional Edition. After the discovery sessions, configuration, implementation, and training have been completed, the platform is what you make of it, regardless of license. Governance and nurturing long-term vision will ultimately make your implementation a success. However, when thinking about which edition is the right fit for your organization consider the following:   With Enterprise Edition or above… You get a sandbox. Here, future iterations of your instance will be built and tested before being released to your team. You get profiles, record types, and field level security. Customize your users’ experience to streamline workflow, ease burden, and enhance analytic insight. You get access to the Salesforce API. Data in Salesforce becomes collaborative – what users enter...

What’s the Scholastic Connection?

When starting a company, the first question that entrepreneurs are asked is “What’s your exit plan?” Being acquired is generally the most common response. The founders of NEXMachine felt the same way when we started the company two years ago. But, what happens when the startup becomes the acquirer? NEXMachine was faced with this prospect shortly before Christmas of 2014. The funny thing about starting a business is that surprises really are surprises and, oftentimes, how one reacts when presented with the unexpected is the difference between success and the regretful missed opportunity. That was the NEXMachine dilemma.  On February 13, 2015, NEXMachine acquired Scholastic Connections. The rationale for this acquisition was simple: Scholastic Connections provided us with the ability to follow our passion in ways we hadn’t considered previously.  We build applications that are habit forming because they change the way people work in a very positive way by giving them immediate access to relevant information, and connect them with their customers and partners. Since Scholastic Connections builds mobile software targeted at serving schools, they deepened our ability to make our applications mobile – and at a faster pace than we were able to achieve previously. In addition, Scholastic Connections makes it possible for NEXMachine to deliver these kinds of applications to a whole other industry – education – which, until now, has not even been a consideration. Starting a business is filled with twists and turns. The key to survival (and ultimately success) is the ability to recognize the opportunity that was never anticipated. Acquiring a company in the educational space is one of those unanticipated moves...

The Cloud is Your Transformation Concierge – Where Do You Want to Take Your Business?

We’ve all heard of the ethereal cloud but few of us understand what it is and even fewer are leveraging it properly.  For most, the cloud is another place to store the ever-growing accumulation of stuff.  But the cloud has potential beyond managing your iTunes library and some are adopting it to the exponential benefit of their business.   According to a study from consulting firm Emergent Research and Intuit, the percentage of U.S. small businesses using cloud computing is expected to more than double during the next six years, from 37% to nearly 80%.  Many small business owners utilize the cloud to streamline communication, increase efficiency, and generally save time and money.  In fact, cloud technology is already having a broader impact on the macro-economy.   With the growing library of platforms and applications accessible across an enterprise and on mobile devices, small and large business are increasingly able to focus on mission critical aspects of their business.  In turn, we’re seeing an explosion in innovation and efficiency that shadows a similar boom during the first years of the Internet.  The cloud is enabling a culture of quick and precise communication and collaboration.  Small and mid-sized businesses are now able to level the competitive landscape and directly challenge traditionally held business sectors – for example, Airbnb.   At NEXMachine, we give our customers the tools and the solutions they need to transform their business.  Process optimization, cross organizational communication, precise reporting, and increased client interaction and intelligence are just a few ways that NEXMachine clients are using the cloud to gain a competitive advantage.  For more information, feel...


1% of our revenue. 1% of our time. 100% of our hearts.

NEXMachine is about more than solving problems with and Cloud Solutions. We’re about walking alongside our neighbors, our local nonprofits and our community – giving them the extra fuel they need to succeed. We can talk about the local poverty rate, the homeless rate, the unemployment rate or education statistics, but ultimately, it’s about people. The goal at NEXMachine is to come alongside PEOPLE. Educate, solve and inspire using and Cloud Solutions, because that’s what we’re good at. And in doing what we’re good at, hopefully we can change someone else’s life for Good. At Dream Center Peoria, we teach kids how to be professionals and give them experience with, providing them with the skills they need to become successful in the business world.


Just what is The Cloud from the Machine?

Businesses today are bottlenecked by legacy enterprise software that just can’t get the job done. It’s slow, inefficient and plagued by bugs and issues that can take weeks to fix. What The Cloud from the Machine seeks to do is to alleviate these problems so that businesses can spend more time building relationships with their customers rather than with their software provider’s customer support. The Cloud in the Machine, much like the concept of Deus Ex Machina, is the idea that all software problems faced by businesses today can be fixed easily, quickly and with little effort on the customer’s part. The NEXMachine approach gives users an intuitive interface that offers freedom and maneuverability using the power of the Cloud. Cloud powered enterprise applications give our clients the ability to circumvent the rocky technical side of software and allow them to focus on the needs more important to the success of their business.



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